Thread: Known fake pics

Still enticing within the face, however a bit larger than image let on. So when you like your girls huge, she the one you want.

No cip, at least for me, She had a douche prepared within the bathe so I suppose she does enable it. M has a pair new women, total of 9 women. BBFS confirmed is Megan, Katie, Jenny O, Haven and Kara.

Agreed. About time.

After a minute or two, a second woman popped up. This one appeared healthier, chubby actually, but decent sufficient. I wasn't offered although so I still asked for the other ladies.

Thread: White Girls within the 808

I used to tell the booker about what girl wasn't good but it fell on deaf ears. I read a couple of rare tales of guys getting some cash again but that's hardly the norm. I am simply usasexguide going to vote the place it counts, my cash. That is the one true language many individuals speak these days. I do think we get lesser high quality women here.

Because in my opinion, her face is pretty ugly. She can be heavy smoker, I could not stand it, she stored stick her tongue into my mouth. At the time, backdoor can also be freed from cost.

Please post precise pics in here guys

Not positive if it was the building or her however made showering sucked. Girl had no technique and actually needed me to do the session at her tempo. At this level I obtained fed up and finished as rapidly as I could.

Long story short she supplies what she provides, just she's a bit completely different from the images on skip the video games. Add some more weight and that's what you need to count on.

If you want pretty, young, skinny black ladies, she's your woman. She's GFE, friendly and not a clockwatcher.

She is friendly and likes to sit and speak for a couple of minutes to get comfy. Her therapeutic massage is superb and she has an enormous set of DD that she makes use of to help give the therapeutic massage.

Was going to ask bb on spherical 2. Is this the same Becky that was in the Palace? The pic of the woman with white bra and panty appears acquainted however wouldn't say it's becky since it's commonplace for palace women to make use of fake pics. I suppose whoever the booker is, is recycling this pic. Same right here, booker obtained irritated I asked whos working right now.

Been following a women who travels and does therapeutic massage in Connecticut and other States. She advertises on the traditional websites which has a link to her own site where she lists the foundations, photos, etc.